Why Doctor Dent?

Our dental practice offers a personalized approach to each patient.

We aim to help you overcome any fear and pain associated with dental treatments.

We prioritize minimizing waiting times and respecting your schedule.

Our clinic uses the latest technologies and materials, and treatments are performed using a microscope as a standard practice.

Doctor Dent is conveniently accessible by both public transport and car.


Doctor Dent uses the latest technologies for precise diagnostics and high-quality treatment. The use of a microscope is a standard in our practice, ensuring that all procedures are carried out with exceptional accuracy. This modern equipment is crucial for delivering top dental care.

Microscope CJ-Optik

Precision is key. The CJ-Optik microscope provides a detailed view of your teeth, ensuring accurate diagnosis and treatment.

3D RTG Vatech

The Vatech 3D X-ray system provides exceptionally detailed images that can reveal even the smallest flaws and problems in your teeth.

Intraoral scanner 3shape

The 3Shape intraoral scanner offers fast and comfortable scanning. It provides accurate impressions of your teeth without the discomfort of traditional impression materials.

ZOOM teeth whitening

Refresh your smile with ZOOM teeth whitening. This method ensures white teeth without pain and long-term side effects.

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