Price List

After your initial check-up and X-ray, we make a detailed plan for your treatment and costs based on what you need. This helps us make a plan that fits your dental needs best.

Initial Consultation

Comprehensive examination for new patients, including X-ray2 200 CZK

Preventive Care

Check-up1 050 CZK
CBCT – 3D X-ray1 850 CZK

Dental Hygiene

Complete dental hygiene + AirFlow2 250 CZK
Regular dental hygiene2 050 CZK

Tooth Extractions

Standard extractionfrom 2 000 CZK
Surgical extractionfrom 3 900 CZK
Simple wisdom tooth extractionfrom 2 550 CZK


Composite fillingfrom 2 200 CZK
Glass ionomer fillingfrom 1 900 CZK
Composite build-up with fiber3 200 CZK

Root Canal Treatment (using microscope)

Endodontic treatment – 1 canal4 900 CZK
Reendodontic treatment – 1 canal5 900 CZK

Crowns and Bridges

Full ceramic crown14 200 CZK
Zirconia crown14 200 CZK
Ceramic veneer14 200 CZK
Temporary crownfrom 1 050 CZK

Payments can be made via card, cash, or transfer, including Benefit Plus options.

Note on Insurance

We focus on top-quality care that isn’t possible with insurance coverage limitations. The list of procedures and materials covered by insurance doesn’t allow for long-term satisfactory results. Therefore, you can be sure that we have chosen the most suitable materials, procedures, and treatments for you.

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